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These 3 Drinks Show Why Double Chicken Please Is a Bar That Matters

Drink a Multicourse Meal

New York Beet Salad

Red Eye Gravy

French Toast

Double Chicken Please existed as a concept years before it became a brick-and-mortar bar. Unable to finalize a New York City location for the bar he’d long dreamed of opening with Faye Chen, cofounder GN Chan set out in 2017 in a yellow 1970s Volkswagen camper van for a solo mind-clearing trip, which somewhat accidentally turned into a mobile pop-up bar. Chen soon joined him, and the two traveled the country, sharing their inventive cocktails with a widespread audience as the first iteration of their bar. “We treated it as a teaser, as a preview and a test run before we finally opened Double Chicken Please,” says Chan. They finally secured a permanent space for the bar in summer 2019, and after a lengthy and pandemic-delayed build-out, DCP had its long-awaited home.