July 18, 2016

Sushi On Jones — Eater NY

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Sushi Dojo's David Bouhadana Is Back With NY's First Outdoor Sushi Bar Sushi on Jones

Sushi on Jones Opens

Those still lamenting sushi chef David Bouhadana's abrupt depart from hit East Village omakase bar Sushi Dojo will be pleased to know that he's back ... sort of. But his latest venture is separate from Sushi Bouhadana, the 12-seat omakase bar and whiskey lounge on Eldridge he plans to debut in October. Last Friday, Bouhadana—along with partner Derek Feldman—soft opened Sushi on Jones, a four seat, outdoor omakase bar pop-up in Noho's new micro food alley, The Bowery Market. But wait — here's the catch. While Bouhadana created the menu and can be found in the 50-square foot space prepping rice, he won't actually be one of two sushi chefs passing nigiri. Though it's likely you'll still see him hanging behind the bar.

Eater NY -- photos by Kat Odell

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