June 22, 2016

Scott Kester designs interior L.A. restaurant LocoL – Archpaper.com

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Source: Scott Kester designs interior for L.A. restaurant LocoL - Archpaper.com

LocoL opened to massive crowds with an interior designed by veteran restaurant designer Scott Kester in an area of L.A. not typically frequented by foodies. Kester’s utilitarian interior gives LocoL the look of a professional kitchen—sleek subway tiles framed by black plywood and stainless steel—while keeping true to Choi’s reputation for casual, experiential dining experiences. The ceiling is decorated with geometrically-arranged tube lights, while “pixelated,” unpainted plywood seating and tables are arranged below. This interior furniture is freestanding so patrons can rearrange it as necessary. “We tried to blend an open, welcome feeling with simple playful forms,” Kester explained. The dining room is reminiscent of a food truck waiting area, with patrons pointed toward the kitchen where focused cooks assemble their signature two dollar foldie sandwiches and six dollar chili rice bowls.

That seating area continues onto a patio designed by Eagle Rock-based landscape architects Superjacent; some of the patio’s seating elements become planters for succulents. “Our design intent for the project was to create landscape strategies and public spaces to best connect LocoL to the community of Watts,” Superjacent principal Chris Torres told AN. “LocoL is about community and bringing the best food possible to the widest audience,” he added.

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Photography by Audrey Ma

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