July 26, 2016

David Bouhadana Interview — Grub Street

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The Sushi Chef Who Lost His Job Fighting the DOH’s Glove Rule Is Back

Sushi on Jones & Sushi Bouhadana

Chefs and their cooks often have a contentious relationship with New York’s Department of Health, and nobody knows this better than David Bouhadana. The former head chef of the East Village’s Sushi Dojo, Bouhadana got into a squabble last fall with the DOH over the department’s insistence that sushi chefs wear gloves when handling raw fish — something Bouhadana believes is anathema to the craft. That spat cost Bouhadana his job at Dojo, where he had become one of New York’s most acclaimed sushi chefs. Now, eight months later, he’s back with the first of two new projects: Sushi on Jones, an open-air omakase counter in the new Bowery Market. Grub Street stopped by to talk with the chef about his new spot, his future plans, and where he currently stands on the crucial glove issue.

How did Sushi on Jones come about?

It happened by accident. It was a blessing in disguise. It was an opportunity that no one had ever thought of. It’s top-notch sushi without the huge price tag. This is what every station in Tokyo and all across Japan has. Amazing high-end fast food. And, unexpectedly, we can’t find that sort of thing here. All we have is hot dogs and pretzels. So I think this is a game-changer.

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