June 22, 2018

886, NYC’s Newest Bid to Innovate on Taiwanese Fare | Eater NY

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Source: 886, NYC’s Newest Bid to Innovate on Taiwanese Fare, Opens in July - Eater NY

From the co-founder of the Tang nearby, 886 — at 26 St. Marks Pl. between Second and Third avenues — has more playful takes on traditional Taiwanese dishes. Three-cup chicken becomes three-cup glazed chicken wings, and a traditional “small sausage in large sausage,” or sticky rice-wrapped pork sausage, is renamed to “sausage party” and served with peanuts, cilantro, and cured duck yolk. Drinks focus on beer, wine and sake, with Brooklyn sake brewery Brooklyn Kura on tap.

Co-owner and chef Eric Sze, along with fellow owner Andy Chuang, is looking to East Williamsburg hit Win Son as a good model for Taiwanese restaurants in New York City. They want to channel the same idea of taking classic dishes and putting their own spin on them in innovative ways.

As for the space, the trio brought on a fairly high-end designer in Scott Kester, who worked on fine dining Japanese restaurant Uchu and several tasting menu spots in San Francisco. It’s 42 seats with a lot of bright colors and neon to bring in late-night Taiwan vibes, where neon is especially popular right now. A mural displays some Taiwanese celebrities playing games, drinking beer, and eating hot dogs.

Eater article by Stephanie Tuder

Design by Scott Kester Design.

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